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Adapter Subs

Adapter Subs

Adapter subs are important wireline core drilling parts in drilling operation. They are used as connectors or couplings to connect drill rods, core barrels, casing, rock bits, water swivel, hoisting plug, fishing tools, etc. China Drilling Geological Equipment Ltd. (CDG) produces a wide range of sub adapters which are designed to make the assembly of complete system trouble free.

1. Heat and hardening treatment is applied on the thread surface to prolong adapter subs’ service time.
2. Our products are manufactured with international standard materials.
3. Different sizes or types of threads are offered.
4. We also provide blank end drill subs allowing you to customize according to your needs.

China Drilling Geological Equipment Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of drilling tools. Main products cover impregnated synthetic diamond core bits, surface-set diamond bits, PDC core and noncoring bits, rod shoes & casing shoes, reaming shells, drill rods/drill subs/sub adapters, core barrels, overshots, water swivels, hoisting plugs, casing cutter assembly, adapter subs, wrenches, recovery tools and foot clamps. 80% of our products are sold to USA, South Africa, Japan, Korea, Finland, Canada, Australia, Iran, Vietnam, Mongolia, and so on.

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