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Triple Tube Core Barrel

Triple Tube Core Barrel

Triple tube core barrel consists of outer tube and inner tube assembly. It is made up by adding a third tube to the standard wireline core barrel. This third tube is made of stainless steel, which is split lengthwise and nested inside the inner tube.
Triple tube wireline core barrel has benefits of standard wireline system with additional advantage that difficult formations can be cored and the core can be inspected in an almost undisturbed condition. It is especially useful for coring in coal, clay-bearing or highly crushed and fractured formations.

Advantages of Triple Tube Core Barrel
1. Faster Coring at Greater Depths
2. Good Stability Due To Constant Diameter of Drill String
3. Excellent Hydraulic Technology
4. Good Core Recovery Even in Highly Broken Formations

Package of Triple Tube Core Barrel
Export-standard plywood box is utilized to pack HO series core barrel.

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