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Foot Clamps

Foot Clamps

The foot clamp, also called drill rod holder or drill rod clamp, is able to clamp every position of drill rod. This device is suitable for core drill rigs and drill rods used in geological exploration of soft soil engineering.

1. Foot clamps can be successfully used in various types of drilling operations from shallow to deep holes.
2. The jaws are manufactured from case-hardened steel.
3. By simply changing the jaws, drill rod clamps can be used with all sizes of drill rods or casings.
4. There is a large grip area in the jaw to prevent damaging thin-wall drill tubes.

China Drilling Geological Equipment Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of foot clamps (also called drill rod holders or drill rod clamps). Main products cover impregnated synthetic diamond core bits, surface-set diamond bits, PDC core and noncoring bits, rod shoes & casing shoes, reaming shells, drill rods, core barrels, overshots, water swivels, hoisting plugs, casing cutter assembly, adapter subs, wrenches, recovery tools, etc. 80% of our products are sold to USA, South Africa, Japan, Korea, Finland, Canada, Australia, Iran, Vietnam, Mongolia, and so on.

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