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Impregnated Synthetic Diamond Core Bits

Impregnated Synthetic Diamond Core Bits

Impregnated diamond core bit has become the most commonly used core bit in mineral exploration industry. CDG’s diamond drill bit performance is the product of many years of research. It coordinates diamond grading and selecting technology, bit design, matrix composition and manufacturing process with extensive testing under a very wide range of drilling conditions. Our impregnated core bits are designed and produced to give the best performance and economic results under various specified drilling conditions.
Impregnated diamond core bit is made from high quality synthetic diamond and metal powder. It can be used for drilling in different stratums. Impregnated diamond drill bit can be designed and manufactured flexibly according to stratum and drilling machine. Diamond grains are evenly distributed in casing of drill bit. When drilling, matrix wears and diamond are exposed continuously to smash rock. The matrix has a certain height. Its outer diameter is slightly larger than the outside diameter of drill bit and inner diameter is slightly smaller than inside diameter of drill bit. Both the outer and inner side and the bottom of matrix have water channels, which provide way to flushing fluid for removing rock dust and cooling bit.

Classification and Application
CDG manufactures impregnated diamond core bits ranging from hard abrasion resistant type to soft ductile type. The matrix hardness of “ZZ” series are selected according to the colors. The idea is to match bit matrix hardness to formation hardness in order that the metal bond of the matrix layer will erode at a controlled rate during normal drilling operation. This controlled erosion of matrix layer metal bond will in turn continually expose new layers of sharp synthetic diamonds until the matrix layer of the bit crown is totally consumed.
1. In general, a hard abrasion resistant bit matrix such as ZZ2 or ZZ4 is used to drill a soft, abrasive and unconsolidated formation.
2. A soft ductile one such as the ZZ10, ZZ12 or ZZ14 is used to drill an extremely hard, non-abrasive and consolidated formation.
3. ZZ6, ZZ7, ZZ8 and ZZ9 are used for drilling medium hardness formation.

1. The diamond drill bit is integrated.It features simple structure, high strength, strong wear resistance and shockproof ability.
2. When it is working, impregnated diamond core bit is of fast speed, long footage, stable performance, long operating time, low accident rate, etc.

Since diamond particles in the diamond core bit are small, its crushing effect on rock is very small. Actual rock smashing mechanism is similar to grinding wheel workpiece, that is, many small hard particles (diamond) on lip surface score, grind the workpiece (rock at the bottom of hole). With gradual wear and disappearance of original hard particles, the casing is constantly consumed and new hard particles are bared to continue working. In fact, at high speed grinding work, the impregnated diamond core bit itself is also consumed. However, because of its self-grind-blade function, diamond drill bit is often in sharp condition.

The footage length of a new diamond bit mainly depends on size and style of the bit, hardness or softness of stratum as well as drilling parameters. Generally, smaller bit and harder stratum lead to less footage, and larger bit and softer stratum lead to more footage.
When following situations happen to impregnated diamond core bit, please stop using.
1. Outer and inner diameter of diamond drill bit has been consumed of 0.3mm to 0.4 mm and working coating has used up.
2. Casing is washed out and diamond nozzle face the risk of dropping.
3. Outer diameter of reamer has worn seriously (even smaller than outer diameter of bit).

Sign and Cause Analysis of Abnormal Wear
1. Lip surface of impregnated diamond core bit is smooth and drilling speed is slow: casing is too hard.
2. Bottom of casing shows taper shape: reinforcement of outer and inner diameter of drill bit is insufficient, or the bit drills into broken stratum.
3. Eccentric wear happens on diamond drill bit: concentricity between bit and drilling tool is poor, or water gap disagrees with water channel.
4. Outer diameter of bit wears seriously and even presents taper shape: diamond drilling bit needs cleaning, or reinforcement of outer diameter is insufficient.
5. Inner diameter of impregnated diamond core bit wears seriously and even presents tubaeform: diamond drilling bit is blocked and needs cleaning, or reinforcement of inner diameter is insufficient.
6. Inner and outer diameters wear seriously at the same time, or even show scalariform: there is metal dust in the bottom of hole, or diamond distribution is uneven, or reinforcement between inner and outer diameter is insufficient.
7. Casing wears too fast and too much diamond are exposed: casing is soft, or there is too much rock dust stored in the bottom of hole.
8. Erosive groove appears on labial surface of bit’s nozzle or bottom: pump volume is too large, or flushing fluid contains too much sand, or casing is soft.
9. Erosive groove appears on labial surface: impregnated diamond core bit is not well cooled by flushing fluid, or rotate speed and voltage are not matched, or diamond is not distributed evenly, or foreign matters are in the hole.
10. Color of casing or steel body turns blue: poor cooling function has lead to burning of diamond drill bit.
11. There is crack on the casing: inside and outside groove is too deep, causing severe vibration of drilling tool.
12. Nick and slot broaching appear on steel body of bit: there is hard and smashed foreign matter in the hole.

China Drilling Geological Equipment Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of diamond drill bits. Main products cover impregnated diamond core bits, surface-set diamond bits, PDC core and noncoring bits, rod shoes & casing shoes, reaming shells, drill rods, core barrels, overshots, water swivels, hoisting plugs, casing cutter assembly, adapter subs, wrenches, recovery tools and foot clamps. 80% of our products are sold to USA, South Africa, Japan, Korea, Finland, Canada, Australia, Iran, Vietnam, Mongolia, and so on.

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