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Rod Shoes and Casing Shoes

Rod Shoes and Casing Shoes

CDG manufactures impregnated diamond, surface set, TSP cube set, and tungsten carbide type rod shoes and casing shoes. The impregnated casing shoes or surface set diamond casing shoes is employed to seat the casing tubes in bedrock or to ream the casing tubes downward in a drilled hole. It assists in seating the drill casing into bedrock, and providing a tight seal for the drilling fluids to return to surface. It is also used to ream the casing downward when advancing a casing string in an existing hole with the rod string still in place.
The basic construction of rod shoes and casing shoes is a sintered powdered metal crown that is fused to a steel tool body or shank. The powdered metal crown is composed of two layers: matrix layer which cuts the overburden, and backing layer which connects matrix layer to steel tool body and serves to support the hard gauge diameter protection materials.
Depending on the range of application, the cutting media on the core bit may take the form of synthetic diamonds, tungsten-carbide particles or tungsten-carbide elements.

1. Rod shoes and casing shoes are used on the leading edge of a casing tube string to advance it through the overburden layer and into the bedrock by means of rotational drilling.
2. The surface set diamond casing shoes are made into semi-round type crown profile. They are recommended for soft to medium hard formations The inside diameter of the casing shoe is not set with diamonds and fits with the outside diameter of the reaming shell, permitting free passage of rods, core bits, core barrels and reaming shell, thus obtaining maximum performance.
3. The impregnated casing shoes are made into flat and “V” crown surface. They also can be made into matrix with different hardness and height as customer’s request. They are recommended for hard and fractured formations.

1. AO-PO
2. AW-SW
3. Sweden Standard (Metric Sizes for 46 Mm to 146 Mm)

China Drilling Geological Equipment Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of drilling tools. Main products cover impregnated synthetic diamond core bits, surface-set diamond bits, PDC core and noncoring bits, rod shoes and casing shoes (impregnated casing shoes and surface set diamond casing shoes), reaming shells, drill rods, core barrels, overshots, water swivels, hoisting plugs, casing cutter assembly, adapter subs, wrenches, recovery tools and foot clamps. Our products are mainly used for geological prospecting.

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