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Surface Set Diamond Bits

Surface Set Diamond Bits

Surface set diamond core bit is mainly used for drilling formations of medium hardness and high hardness. Its main components are large diamond particles, steel body and carbide powder. Diamonds are quite suitable for making drill bits with complex shapes. The diamonds are mounted in a bit crown powdered metal matrix body that is fused to a steel tool body or shank. The function of bit crown matrix body on a surface set diamond bit is to hold the diamonds in position tightly throughout the operational life of the bit. Tungsten carbide (TC) inserts can be provided on water ways where there is erosion of matrix in abrasive type formations. CDG makes surface set diamond drill bits with different size of natural diamonds, different crown type suitable for different formation.

Advantages of Surface Set Diamond Core Bits
1. Rich Diversity
2. High Quality
3. Long Service Life
4. Maximum Penetration
5. Suitable for Various Formations
6. Customization Service

Category of Surface Set Diamond Core Bits
The range includes a variety of diamond grades, stone sizes and face profiles enabling a cost effective solution that can be taken for most conditions. They are AO, BO, BO3, NO, NO2, NO3, NOTT, HO, HO3, HOTT, PO, PO3, POTT, T2 series, T6 series, DCDMA standard, European standard of 412, HWF, PWF, GEO S BORE, AW, BW, NW, PW, HWT, PWT, BO rod shoe, NO rod shoe, HO rod shoe, BTW, NTW, NMLC, HMLC, TNW, LTK 48, LTK 60, AWT, AXT, NWD4 and oversized bits.

1. Surface Set Diamond Drill Bits and Formations
1) 10/15 spc: Soft to Medium Formation
2) 20/25 spc: Medium to Hard Formation
3) 30/40 spc: Medium Hard to Hard Formation
4) 40/60 spc: Hard Formation
5) 60/80 spc: Hard to Very Hard Formation

2. Profiles of Surface Set Diamond Core Bits
1) Semi Round Profile
2) Round Profile
3) Step Profile (4 step, 5 step and 7 step profile are available or as customers request)

Difference between Surface Set Diamond Bits & Impregnated Diamond Bits
1. Surface set diamond core bits are primarily recommended for use in drilling relatively soft, abrasive and unconsolidated formations which are not effectively drilled by impregnated diamond bits.
2. They are also suitable for use in drilling harder formations where the available rotational speeds and bit loads are insufficient to use impregnated diamond bits.
3. In most cases, surface set diamond drill bits will provide higher rates of penetration than impregnated diamond bits in softer formations due to greater degree of exposure of the individual diamond crystals.
4. Surface set diamond core bits differ from impregnated diamond bits because they are set with a single layer of natural drill diamond on working surfaces of the bit crown in a pre-determined pattern.
5. However, as they are set with only a single layer of diamond crystals, surface set diamond drill bits will generally yield a lower overall bit life than impregnated diamond bits.

China Drilling Geological Equipment Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of drilling tools. Main products cover impregnated synthetic diamond core bits, surface-set diamond core bits, PDC core and noncoring bits, rod shoes & casing shoes, reaming shells, drill rods, core barrels, overshots, water swivels, hoisting plugs, casing cutter assembly, adapter subs, wrenches, recovery tools and foot clamps. 80% of our products are sold abroad.

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