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Company: China Drilling Geological Equipment Ltd.
Add: No. 8, Road 4 West Furong, Dongbeitang, Xishan Development Zone, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
Postcode: 214191
Phone: +86-21-60346873
Fax: +86-21-60346873
Email: drilltools@worldbrandcorp.com

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Main Proudcts
  • Double Tube Core Barrel
  • Double Tube Core BarrelDouble tube core barrels are swivel head. The inner tube is attached with the core barrel head through bearings which makes the rotation of inner tube independent of core barrel. It serves to improve the rate of collection. Core barrels are designed for coring from soft to hard homogenous and slightly broken formations with water, mud, polymer or air flushing...
  • Overshots
  • OvershotsOvershot is one of the necessary equipment for wireline drilling which could be put into the hole. This fishing tool is used to connect with the inner tube assembly and lift it up. Overshot is attached to drill rod and lowered over the pipe or stuck in the borehole. Hardened and self-cutting threads inside overshot firmly grasp the pipe, allowing the fish (such as...