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  • PDC Core Bits
  • PDC Core BitsPDC drill bit (polycrystalline diamond compact drill bit) is mainly composed of steel body and polycrystalline diamond composite sheet. Polycrystalline diamond bit consists of a designed cast matrix head to which PDC inserts have been fixed. The surface of this disc-shaped cutting element consists of very fine synthetic diamond powders sintered together by high pressure and high...
  • Rod Shoes and Casing Shoes
  • Rod Shoes and Casing ShoesCDG casing shoe is manufactured in impregnated diamond, surface set, TSP cube set, and tungsten carbide types. It is employed to seat the casing tubes in bedrock or to ream the casing tubes downward in a drilled hole. It assists in seating the drill casing into bedrock, and providing a tight seal for the drilling fluids to return to surface. It is also used to ream the casing downward...