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Double Tube Core Barrel

Double Tube Core Barrel

Double tube core barrels are swivel head. The inner tube is attached with the core barrel head through bearings which makes the rotation of inner tube independent of core barrel. It serves to improve the rate of collection. Core barrels are designed for coring from soft to hard homogenous and slightly broken formations with water, mud, polymer or air flushing.
Water in double tube wireline core barrel is injected between outer tube and inner tube. Perforation at the lower end of inner tube permits flow of water. From this point to diamond core bit is the only place that is subject to erosion. This distance is very short when compared to the total length of double tube core barrel. With the elimination of the erosion problem, it becomes possible to take core of softer and broken materials. It is not suitable for collecting cores in layers with grained formations, layers, and fragile ground.

1. It has fast penetration speed compared with thicker wall core barrels.
2. Core barrel is suitable for various (no matter soft or hard) rock formations.
3. Double tube core barrel offers higher percentage of core recovery and less erosion of core.
4. In addition to water and polymer, mud and air can be used for flushing.
5. Double tube wireline core barrel is a superior tool for site investigation in soft to hard formations.
6. This cost-effective core barrel has high productivity in shallow formations.
7. Although designed as double tube core barrel, it can be converted to triple tube by incorporating PVC core liners.

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